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Ctrl+Cee was founded in 2022 by Cedric Eestermans. Cedric took his first steps in the event industry at the age of 15. Very soon it became clear that light would become his great passion.

Cedric got to know “the lamp” inside and out during his apprenticeship. He was in charge of load-in and load-out. He quickly started playing with the knobs and started reading the MA2 manual from front to back and vice versa.


He was eager to learn everything about the lighting industry. He thus gained experience at various lighting design companies. Cedric worked as an operator for ’14-18′, de afscheidstour van K3, Kool & The Gang, The Masked Singer, Kensington, Fendi, …

Cedric focuses on different domains in the event sector: TV productions, fashion shows, corporate events and live shows. He also provides technical support for MA Lighting through Face.

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