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Ctrl+Cee stands for controlling everything from the start to the end of every project.

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Ctrl+Cee is happy to help you visualize and design your project. So your project can start with clear plans and realistic renders. When the project gets closer, pre-programming can be started. When the time really comes, you can count on us for an outstanding “light-result”.

From A to C(ee) and further

Ctrl+Cee equals light and this in its many facets: TV shows, corporate events, fashion shows, theater and live shows. In addition, Ctrl+Cee offers technical MA support through Face.
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Light programming
Light programming can be done in advance or on-site. This depends on customer demand and the project. For light programming, Ctrl+Cee can provide its own GrandMA or use the hardware provided.
Visualization is a tool for creating a realistic image of the end result even before the project. This can also be used for pre-programming to save time on-site. The visualization and rendering is done in Depence3.
A lighting plan in the event industry is essential to make sure the project is visually appealing and functional. It helps to create the desired atmosphere, highlight key elements, deliver visual impact and ensure safety and functionality.
Ctrl+Cee offers support for other users through MA Lighting Belgium’s distributor, Face.

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